2018 MiNGYI 明逸校園證照達人競賽
  1. 2018 MiNGYI 明逸校園證照達人競賽公告
    活動目的 (Main Purpose)
    A certificate is an outcome of evaluation and examination. Through the examination, the motivation to learn can be improved. There are different tests in various fields. Our goal is to encourage students to get multidisciplinary certifications in order to improve the competitiveness of future school and employment.

    活動對象 (Target Group)
    Current students who are above grade 10

    活動組別 (Category)
    Text: illustrate the certificates that you have passed in words, including the experience of the process of learning and texting in at least two different fields.
    Video: illustrate the certificates that your group have passed, make a video of the experience of the process of learning and texting in at least two different fields.

    投稿格式 (Submission Format)
    Text: 1. The format of doc. or odt. 
             2. The font of standard italics
             3. The size of the title is 14
             4. The size of the content is 12
             5. The row height is 1.5
             6. Additional brief report of 5 to 10 pages.
    Video: 1. The length of 8 to 10 mins
               2. The resolution is above 720p
    P.s. Feel free to play on the format of unspecified

    注意事項 (Precautions)
    1. The certificates are only accepted within three year(2015.2~2018.2), depending on the activated date.
    2. If the candidate has participated in the competition before, the former certificate which has been verified won't be counted as you reapply.
    3. The application and supporting information should be verified. Do not misappropriate other's work, or the participation right will be canceled.
    4. At the time you apply, you authorize the unit to publicize and publish your works at any form.
    5. Do not copy or double register, or your participation right will be canceled.

    附件 (Attach) :活動DM下載 (Download)

    官方專頁 ( Official website )
    · http://mtc3.imyes.net/
    聯絡方式 ( Contact )
    · E-mail: schtw@imyes.net
    · Line ID:@rzu4900o
    · WeChat ID:mingyitw
    · SKYPE ID:+886908108081
    · 官方紛絲團:https://www.facebook.com/IMYES.net/

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