2018 MiNGYI 明逸校園大使計畫
  1. 2018 MiNGYI 明逸校園大使計畫公告
    宗旨 ( Purpose )
    The project of Campus Ambassador is launched to provide campus ambassadors with chances to challenge themselves and a platform for them to acquire more interdisciplinary knowledge. We will offer you opportunities to experience the workplace you will be at in the future, and also you will be prepared with the attitude of "learning by doing" and "workplace ethics" during hands-on practice. Besides the knowledge in commerce, the critical thinking skill is emphasized so that campus ambassadors can be put their creativity into practice. Meanwhile, we encourage our campus ambassadors to join charitable activities which can be counted for the service-learning hours.

    資格 ( Requirement )
    · 年滿 18 歲,具任一所大專院校(含研究所)學生身份。
    · 曾擔任系學會幹部、社團幹部、或團體組織幹部者尤佳。
    · 對於宗教認證、資訊認證、語言認證、文化研究、教育訓練或創業育成有興趣者尤佳。
    · 具備高中及高職學籍,由導師推薦家長同意者,可申請加入校園大使團隊,不受年齡限制。
    · The applicant shall be a registered undergraduate or graduate student at the age of 18 or above.

    · Experience of serving as a leader or officer at a student association, school club, or organization is a plus

    · Interest in religious certifications, IT certifications, language proficiency tests, cultural studies, education and instruction, or entrepreneurship is a plus

    · A high school or vocational high school student with a reference from his/her teacher and the consent of his/her parents is allowed to apply to join the MiNGYI Campus Ambassadors, a waiver of the age limit.

    任務挑戰 ( Mission planning )
    Divided into Ambassador's Mission, Expert's Mission and Master Mission. For moer information, please visit official website.

    報名梯次 ( Sign up )
    · 第一梯 ( Spring ) 2017/12/20 ~ 2018/02/20
    · 第二梯 ( Fall ) 2018/06/20 ~ 2018/08/20
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    官方專頁 ( Official website )
    · http://stu.imyes.net
    聯絡方式 ( Contact )
    · E-mail: schtw@imyes.net
    · Line ID:@rzu4900o
    · WeChat ID:mingyitw
    · SKYPE ID:+886908108081
    · 官方紛絲團:https://www.facebook.com/IMYES.net/

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